Strengthening Grassroots Citizen Participation in the Implementation of Decentralization in Cameroon

Although there is so much talk in Cameroon on decentralization, very little is done to include the masses in the decision-making processes. Therefore, the project aims at increasing the inclusion of local communities in local decision making processes, while creating a favorable environment for participatory governance in the implementation of decentralization in Cameroon.
Funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF: UDF-CAM-13-535), for two (2) years, beginning March 2014; local councils, civil society organizations and media houses will be enhanced and engaged in community mobilization, and advocacy, for the active involvement of citizens in the decision making processes of their communities in the Northwest, Southwest, West, Littoral, Centre and South Regions of Cameroon. Expectantly, the huge gap that exists between elected representatives and their electorates will be narrowed while the ability of local leaders to become socially accountable will be spurred up. Download attachment

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