IVFCam presents SCRS model for sustainability of post- HAPP HIV/AIDS interventions at the Care Cameroon HAPP forum

Presentation on IVFCam”s SCRS strategy : Nigel Mbaya, IVFCam”s Program Manager:

Interfaith Vision Foundation Cameroon [IVFcam] was at the heart of the HIV/AIDS prevention program [HAPP] Forum in Yaoundé organized by Care Cameroon. According to IVFCam’s program manager Nigel Mbaya, who represented the organization at the 2-day forum, the most successful strategy used by IVFcam is the Catholic Relief Services [CRS] inspired model, Strengthening Community Response Systems for

Over 16 Organizations participated at the HAPP Forum

OVC support and Care. Speaking torepresentatives of 16 organizations who participated at the Yaoundé Forum, Nigel Mbaya said, the goal of this approach is to

Increase the economic resilience of local communities to enable them sustainably mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS without necessarily depending on external support

IVFcam is strongly convinced that Communities have the ability to overcome their challenges if they are provided with the necessary resources. The 2day seminar which brought together representatives of 16 organizations and four funding agencies [Care Cameroon, AAA, PEPFA, USAID and CNLS] was aimed at identifying strategies to sustain HIV/AIDS prevention activities of CBO’s after the end of the HAPP funding period in February 2014.


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