IVFCam in partnership with LUKMEF Cameroon sensitizes the population of the North West Region on the need to End Violence Against Women and Girls. Within t


The framework of the project Building Community Level Agenda for Ending Violence Against Women and Girls in Cameroon, InterFaith Vision Foundation Cameroon (IVFCam), the implementing CSO for this project in the North West Region, organized a three day sensitization campaign to create awareness on the need to end violence against women and girls in some towns in the North West Region. The campaign aimed create awareness on the need to end violence against women girls through the sharing communication materials like flyers and posters in public places like bars, restaurants, saloons, financial institutions, churches, hotels and schools. Through this exercise, a cross section of the population now know of the consequences of violence against women and girls, the different service providers as well as the help lines to contact in case they are violated. The project funded by the UN Trust Fund and the UN Women is implemented in six regions of Cameroon where violence against women and girls is high, and hoped to be reduced significantly through this project.

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