What We Do

Project Coordinator,  during Psychosocial and Educational Support for school children, Bamali-Ndop, North West Region.

Training of Women on Leadership, sponsored by UNDEF via Women’s Democracy Network WDN USA.

IVFCam’s work and interventions are beneficiary focused and seek to cover defined aspects of her three key program areas: Human Rights & Good Governance, Health & HIV/AIDS, and Economic Empowerment for poor communities. Through a carefully chosen, integrated and holistic approach that is locally adapted to the context of each target community, the following main project activities are carried out on the field:

  • Building Capacities of Target Communities
  • Raising Awareness on Gender Issues
  • Building Leadership Skills
  • Lobbying & Advocating for Citizen Participation and Policy Revision.
  • Raising Awareness and Educating on Preventable Diseases
  • Providing Treatment Literacy
  • Providing Comprehensive Care and Support to Orphans and other Vulnerable Children
  • Giving out Micro-Credits, Micro-Loans and Grants
  • Supporting in Small Scale Agriculture
  • Etc.          
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