about us


Who are we?

We  are a non-for-profit, non-governmental development and charity organization with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations since 2013. We promote gender equity and participation from the grassroots to the nation.

Under her founder and Vision bearer, Anne Stella Fomumbod, we started as Aid International Christian Women of Vision (AI-ChrisWOV) in 1999. However after seven years of operation there was a growing need to go beyond Christians due to the expanding NEEDY target groups with diverse backgrounds and Faiths. This was mainly voiced out through the Organizational Development process, sponsored by Volunteer Services Overseas (VSO), who assessed the then AI-ChrisWoV’s operations with the involvement of all the stakeholders (including beneficiaries), and identified areas for strengthening, one of which was the absolute necessity to embrace other faiths. Hence in January 2008, there was a change of direction, following a transformation to an all faith encompassing organisation.

This change led to a new name and thus a re-registration with the present name, Interfaith Vision Foundation Cameroon (IVFCam) in 2008.

Who do we serve?

We are committed to be the voice of the disadvantaged, especially women and children. We are very passionate for young widows, orphans and People Living with HIV&AIDS, because of their high level of vulnerability to Human Rights abuses, Health Hazards, and  Poverty, within our communities.

How do we work?

By Mobilizing, Networking, Empowering and coordinating mainly Community Based Organisations (CBOs), and Community Leaders, as our Grassroots Implementing Partners (GIPs) to identify and address the development challenges of their immediate communities.

We also work with other Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), either as Partners or as Relays, to implement projects addressing the challenges of our nation.

We collaborate with Government technical services for improved service delivery and utilisation.

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